Referring to the Regulator – Service Providers (Timor Telecom S.A., TELIN Timor-Leste, S.A. Viettel Timor Leste, Unipessoal, Lda) consultation meeting held at the ANC on 23/10/2020 in relation with the Ministerial Diploma of the Minister of Transport and Communications No. 04/2020 of 23 September 2020 regarding maximizing the use of radio frequency spectrum in Timor-Leste.


In view of the new policy guidance and having taken into consideration inputs of Mobile Service Providers in the above-mentioned consultation meeting, the ANC has approved an amendment for extending the Notice Inviting Applications for Spectrum in 2600MHz band to also include spectrum in 1800MHz band and 2300MHz band.


Consequently, the ANC is pleased to invite all Mobile Service Providers to submit an application and/or to amend/confirm their applications for an Assignment of spectrum in 1800MHz, 2300MHz and 2600MHz bands in accordance with the revised Notice Inviting Applications for Spectrum.



In releasing the spectrum in the 1800MHz, 2300MHz and 2600MHz Bands, the ANC is pursuing the following objectives:


  • To support the implementation of Government policies;
  • To meet the need of Mobile Service Providers, especially for services in the urban areas, to provide better data services to their current customers;
  • To promote the efficient use of radio-frequency spectrum;
  • To promote competition in the sector;

The ANC reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Assignment, in part or in full, without assigning any reasons, in order to safeguard the above objectives, as the Government has the sole discretion to determine the relative priority of the objectives and whether the above-mentioned objectives are adequately achieved by this Spectrum Assignment.


Prospective applicants are invited to contact the ANC for further information.