a. Scams target everyone

Scammers target people of all backgrounds, ages and income levels across Timor-Leste. Believable stories are created that may convince you to give scammers more money or personal details.


b. Protect yourself

  • Do not open suspicious texts, or click on links or attachments in SMS.
  • Beware of any requests for your details or money.
  • Never send money or give ATM or PIN details, online account details or copies of personal documents to anyone you don’t know or trust.
  • You should warn your friends and family about scams.

c. Report scams to the authorities

  • First, report the scam number to your service provider (Timor Telecom, Telkomcel and Telemor) for blocking of suspected number.
  • If no response is received from service provider, you can also report the number to ANC.
  • If a financial/banking fraud has occurred, contact Banco Central de Timor-Leste (www.bancocentral.tl).