Your complaint can be related to the services provided by the telecom operators and their related infrastructure. The nature of complaints may include:

  • Provision of Service (Activation / Restoration / Closure);
  • Quality of Service (Disruption / Faults in service, Poor QoS);
  • Matters related to Billing (Overcharging, Unjustified deductions / Tariffs);
  • Misuse of Service (Obnoxious, Unsolicited & Fraudulent calls/SMSs);
  • Illegal Practices (illegal transfer of connections/ownership/issuance of SIMs /duplicate SIMs, etc.);
  • Verification Issues (user information/illegal use of ID/Issuance of  multiple SIMs on same ID);
  • Poor Customer Services (Redressal of Grievances/Helpline Issues);
  • Misleading Statements (Misleading advertisement, hiding facts about service and tariffs, etc.);
  • Non availability of service in an area (coverage issue);
  • Value Added Services (GPRS, Packages);
  • Fault in Services;
  • Withdrawal of Services.

  • You should make contact with your concerned service provider.

Please go to the link of List of Operators for details of operators/service providers to get details on the information of lodging complaints (

Service provider may ask of the following information while lodging your complaint

  • Your name, contact and complaint details.

  • Complaint Reference Number;
  • Consumer Account Number;
  • Redressal   timeline of Complaints;
  • Escalation path in case your complaint is not resolved within stated timeline.

  • You can make contact with ANC for resolution of your complaint.

At Consumer Protection Unit, ANC Head Office Díli.

  • Download, complete and submit “Consumer Complaint Form” by hand delivery or via email to:

Following information shall be mandatory before accepting a complaint.

  • Name, contact details of the complainant;
  • Unique Complaint Reference Number and Consumer Account Number given by the respective service provider to the complainant;
  • Time of lodging complaint to operator/Expiry of the timeline provided by the service provider to the complainant for the redressal of the said complaint;
  • Brief details of the nature of the complaint.

  • Complaint Register No.;
  • You shall be communicated with the redressal timeline/status of your complaint.

  • Complaints regarding internal HR matters within the operators;
  • Complaints regarding bilateral business agreements between operator and any third party e.g. Operator-franchise/Card Retailers relationships;
  • Complaints regarding site installation of mobile towers.