COVID-19 has caused serious hardship for consumers, businesses and communities across Timor-Leste. The Government is working to support our people in this time of crisis. In the Telecommunications sector, lockdowns and remote work have driven an increase in demand for more bandwidth capacity. Customers in dense areas are likely to have experienced slower network connection and rather unresponsive services.


To help alleviate this problem, the Minister of Transport and Communications has issued Ministerial Orientation No. 232/MTC/V/2021 to support Telecom Operators in order to improve Internet access to the public during the Estado de Emergência of COVID-19.


Today the ANC implemented a key part of the Ministerial Orientation by extending additional bandwidth in the 1800MHz band to all three mobile service providers in Timor-Leste. The additional spectrum is expected to improve 4G experience of customers around the country.


In return, the mobile service providers are contributing a range of free services to the public.