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28/02 2014

Interview Schedule

Below are the interview sessions planned for 4/3/2014 and 6/3/2014: Name Date Time Otilia Pereira de Carvalho Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 08:45 OTL Juliao Soares dos Reis Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 09:30 OTL Nelson Mesquita Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 10:15 OTL Olivia Julita Sarmento Ribeiro Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 11:00 OTL Roselita Pinto Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 11:45 OTL Estevão da C. Guimarães Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 […]

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25/02 2014

Candidates Invited for Interview

Firstly, ANC would like to thank all applicants for their interests in ANC and for attending the test. Please be advised that the following candidates (in alphabetical order) have been shortlisted for interview: Estevão da C. Guimarães Fabio R.B.C. De Magalhaes Hercilia C. Martins Belo Juliao Soares dos Reis Natalino Hercio S. de Amaral Nelson […]

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21/02 2014

Aptitude Test Results

Below are the results of the Employment Aptitude Test conducted on Friday, 14/02/2014. Paper #    Score B3017    35 B3022    82 B3050    29 B3065    38 B3103    40 B3116    73 B3132    35 B3138    27 C3013    33 C3015    40 C3042    20 C3043    22 C3047    38 C3053    45 C3062    29 C3068    25 C3070    31 C3096    36 C3105    29 C3119    […]

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17/02 2014

Vacancy: Business Process Adviser to the ANC

We are seeking an experienced Business Process Adviser familiar with regulatory or other government agency systems. In concert with other advisers and under the guidance of the ANC’s Principal Adviser, the Adviser will provide strategic advice and operational support to the ANC toward the objectives of establishing the institution of the ANC. The Business Process […]

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07/02 2014

Aptitude and Skill Test – Friday 14/02/2014

All shortlisted candidates are invited to sit for the Aptitude and Skill Test. Time: 09:30 AM Date: Friday, 14 February 2014 Venue: ANC Office, Telecom Building, Avenida Bispo Medeiros No. 8 Dili. Candidates are requested to arrive at the venue no later than 09:00AM on the day. Last updated: 07/02/2014.

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03/02 2014

Shortlisted Candidates for Aptitude and Skill Test

The ANC has shortlisted candidates to sit for Aptitude and Skill Test. Following receipt of applications for the fixed-term vacancies announced in December 2013, the following candidates are hereby invited to sit for the aptitude and skill test, which will take place on the second/third week of February at the ANC office in Dili. Admin […]

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21/01 2014

Spectrum Management Regulatory Adviser

We are seeking a broadly skilled Spectrum Management Regulatory Adviser to provide, in concert with other Advisers and under the guidance of the Principal Adviser, technical advice and operational support on spectrum planning, spectrum management operations and spectrum management capacity building to the ANC. The Spectrum Management Regulatory Adviser will develop and support ANC’s capacity […]

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09/01 2014

Job Vacancies January 2014

Vaga Servisu – Prazu Fixu Informasaun kona ba vaga servisu ne’e fo sai iha Media hahu 9/12/2013 Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANC) loke vagas ba publiku ba kargu: Ofisial Regulador / Tekniku (Pozisaun 5) Ofisial Finansas (Pozisaun 2) Ofisial Juridiku (Pozisaun 1) Ofisial Administrativu (Pozisaun 1) Unidade Servisu: Autoridade Nasional de Comunicações (ANC) Aplikasaun hatama […]

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