The National Communications Authority of Timor-Leste, formally Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANC), is a statutory authority established by the Telecommunications Decree-Law No. 15/2012 of 28 March 2012.

The ANC invites applications for the following positions:

    Technical Regulatory Professional (1 position)
    Junior Technical Regulatory Professional (1 position)
    IT Technical Support Officer (1 position)
    Junior Finance Professional (1 position)
    Media Officer (1 position)
    Administrative Assistant/Receptionist (1 position)
    Logistics Assistant (1 position)

Job Requirements

The detailed job descriptions can be downloaded from link:

    ToR for Technical Regulatory Professional
    ToR for Junior Technical Regulatory Professional
    ToR for IT Technical Support Officer
    ToR for Junior Finance Professional
    ToR for Media Officer
    ToR for Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
    ToR for Logistics Assistant

General Selection Criteria

    Be a citizen of Timor-Leste
    Fluency in Tetum and English is required and a knowledge of Portuguese is highly regarded.
    Relevant qualifications and experience.
    Ability to apply skills and knowledge to the needs of the ANC.
    Ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary team.
    Strong work ethic.

Application Submission

Applicants should submit (1) cover letter; (2) completed “Formulariu Aplikasaun Vaga Servisu ANC; (3) a response to the selection criteria; (4) an up-to-date résumé (CV), and (5) any relevant document. The application should be submitted in both hardcopy and softcopy forms as follows:

  1. The signed hardcopy of the application should be submitted to:

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANC)

Ministério dos Transportes e Comunicações

Av. Xavier do Amaral No. 8, Mercado Lama, Caicoli

Dili, Timor-Leste

  1. A softcopy of the application documents in .pdf format should be submitted by e-mail to:

Applications close on 14 June 2019.

Dili, 31 May 2019

Fausto Belo

Human Resource Professional