ANC would like to advise that the following candidates have been successful in their tests and interviews. They will be offered fixed term contract positions* as follows:

  1. Juliao Soares dos Reis    Finance
  2. Olivia Julita Sarmento Ribeiro    Finance
  3. Hercilia C. Martins Belo    Admin
  4. Nelson Mesquita    Regulatory/Economics
  5. Estevão da C. Guimarães    Regulatory/Technical
  6. Fabio R.B.C. De Magalhaes    Regulatory/Technical
  7. Norberto Soares    Regulatory/Technical
  8. Octavio M. Freitas    Regulatory/Technical
  9. Pio Clemente Tilma Soares    Regulatory/Technical
  10. Roberto Manuel da C. Martins    Regulatory/Technical

ANC would also like to thank all candidates for their interests and  participation in this recruitment. ANC wishes all candidates well.
*) Candidate who is currently a public servant will be offered a conditional offer.

Last update: 30/03/2014.