Below are the interview sessions planned for 4/3/2014 and 6/3/2014:

Name Date Time
Otilia Pereira de Carvalho Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 08:45 OTL
Juliao Soares dos Reis Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 09:30 OTL
Nelson Mesquita Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 10:15 OTL
Olivia Julita Sarmento Ribeiro Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 11:00 OTL
Roselita Pinto Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 11:45 OTL
Estevão da C. Guimarães Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 14:30 OTL
Fabio R.B.C. De Magalhaes Tuesday, 4-Mar-14 15:15 OTL
Hercilia C. Martins Belo Thursday, 6-Mar-14 08:45 OTL
Natalino Hercio S. de Amaral Thursday, 6-Mar-14 09:30 OTL
Norberto Soares Thursday, 6-Mar-14 10:15 OTL
Octavio M. Freitas Thursday, 6-Mar-14 11:00 OTL
Pio Clemente Tilma Soares Thursday, 6-Mar-14 11:45 OTL
Roberto Manuel da C. Martins Thursday, 6-Mar-14 14:30 OTL
Zeisse Rolando Pereira Lay Thursday, 6-Mar-14 15:15 OTL

The interview will be conducted in the same room where the Aptitude test was held on 14/02/2014.
Candidates are required to:

  • arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before their scheduled sessions.
  • bring with them the original diploma/certificate for verification purposes.

Please kindly be reminded that the interview will also include a mini-quiz. Best wishes to everyone.

Last updated: 28/02/2014