Firstly, ANC would like to thank all applicants for their interests in ANC and for attending the test. Please be advised that the following candidates (in alphabetical order) have been shortlisted for interview:

  • Estevão da C. Guimarães
  • Fabio R.B.C. De Magalhaes
  • Hercilia C. Martins Belo
  • Juliao Soares dos Reis
  • Natalino Hercio S. de Amaral
  • Nelson Mesquita
  • Norberto Soares
  • Octavio M. Freitas
  • Olivia Julita Sarmento Ribeiro
  • Otilia Pereira de Carvalho
  • Pio Clemente Tilma Soares
  • Roberto Manuel da C. Martins
  • Roselita Pinto
  • Zeisse Rolando Pereira Lay

The interview which also includes a mini-quiz about applicants’ knowledge of their fields of specialization will be conducted on Tuesday, 4/3/2014 to Thursday 6/3/2014. Information about interview sessions for each candidate will be announced on this website on Friday 28/02. Thank you and best wishes to all.

Last Updated: 25/02/2014.